Thursday, August 31, 2017

Week 47

Elder Bolinder and Elder Woolley - Mankato, MN

Fender Bender!

[Note from the minions: Elder B didn't have time to write a group update this week. This is a short note he wrote to his mother.]

Hi ma! We had a wonderful week this week. Lots of great lessons, and investigators to church. But, unfortunately, also a lot of biking. And the reason why is... we got in a car accident! But todo esta bien! No injuries, so everything is fine. We have to get our car fixed because the front headlight/bumper was mashed and the wheel axle got out of alignment. So, we are in bikes/getting rides from the other elders for at least another week or so. It makes scheduling things a little more difficult but we've been doing pretty well so far.

That's so cool you got to hear from Donald Parry!! I loved him! He talked a lot about similar things, and especially about the reality of ministering angels. Many people picture the spirit world as some place far away, but it's closer than we think!

Yes I am still exercising, but not nearly as well as I was earlier in my mission. We've been fed pretty well as of late, too.

I love you so much! I didn't really have time to write a group email since we did service and got busy, but I wrote the fam. I will do a double dose next week for everyone! Sorry about that. Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

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