Sunday, December 3, 2017

Week 60

Thanksgiving with Chase, MaryJane & Family

Adios November, Adios Elder Nielson 😭

Hola everyone! Disculpe for no email last week, we had our p-day changed to Thanksgiving! And we were too busy being stuffed with turkey to think about emailing 😅. Hope you all enjoyed your turkey day. Now that it's over, we can all enjoy our lovely Christmas music without feeling guilty about it! Lol

Elder Nielson and I have been loving our time here in the Faribault ward, and we had our hopes up to stay together one more transfer because President was hinting at it during interviews. Buuttt, unfortunately we woke up this morning with some disappointment to see that Elder Nielson is leaving for Minneapolis. We've become such good friends and Imma miss him tons😭 That means I'll stay in Faribault a little longer, which I'm happy about! I'll update you guys on the new comp next week.

The past few weeks have been genial!! We've had some amazing lessons this week and met a few new people. I'll just get into some highlights. We had a good time last week celebrating mi cumpleaños! It's pretty strange to say I'm two decades old now, wow lol. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes 😊. We got to help this older less active guy in the ward and his nonmember wife who we've been teaching move a bunch of heavy boxes into their giant storage unit. Then we went to MaryJane + Chase's house for a bomb stake-n-potato dinner! Chase has still been progressing well. And MaryJane tambien! A while back, we made them a little bet that if they read the Book of Mormon as a family every night for a week then I would eat 30 sour warhead candies. And they did it! We were so happy! Haha. So, I kept my end of the deal and I regret it. My tongue was fried afterwards, let me tell ya😂 But, hey, it was vale la pena because the best part of my birthday was when we followed up with how their scripture reading has been since then and they said they're still reading every day! And then, MaryJane says to us, "Honestly it's helped me so much! And guess what guys.. I've gone two weeks without smoking!" You couldn't wipe the smile off our faces haha. That was a huge testimony builder for me to see the power of the Book of Mormon start to take root in their lives just as it has mine. She's made so much progress in being active in church again and helping Chase receive the gospel!

Thanksgiving was fantastic! We took a morning hike through these trails at a nature reserve here in Faribault. Quite refreshing! There was this little creek with a waterfall we found, and it was all frozen it looked pretty cool ha. We had two huge meals, one at 3 and another at 6 so we had to pace ourselves on the first one lol. We were stuffed to the brim!! It was an awesome day, we got to see 4 different families from the ward and we're so grateful for their support. Since then, we've been visiting lots of families from church because they have been starting to role out the new #LightTheWorld initiative!! If you missed it from last year, it's an amazing way to serve others as Christ did this Christmas season! And all it takes is one simple act of kindness every day - from Dec. 1 - 25th 😊. I invite you all to check it out on! I have a testimony of Christ-like service and I know that God uses us as instruments in his hands to be answers to others’ prayers.

Another highlight of the week was Stake Conference. For as long as I’ve been in the Lakeville stake, I will never get tired of hearing the stake presidency speak - they are amazing! They talked a lot about the sacred covenants made at baptism and in the temple. It made me really reflect on how truly grateful I am for the covenants I've made with God. He truly does bless us when we strive to follow him and keep his commandments! Apostle David A. Bednar talked about it in his conference address, he says "The importance of the exceeding great and precious promises [of God] are true reminders of where we are going in our mortal journey and why." So many times in life we get so caught up we forget the reason our loving Heavenly Father sent us here, and having the privilege of renewing and being reminded of our covenant to follow him as we take the sacrament weekly helps us remember the plan of happiness he has laid out!

We also have a “Family Home Evening” lesson at a member's house tonight, and they invited another family who they're really close with who aren't members of the church. So that's really exciting! Should be a great lesson.

Thank you all for your love and support. I'm grateful for your kindness and examples to me. I'm so happy to be a missionary and I have a testimony of this gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ. I know he lives! Have a wonderful week(: cuídense mucho

-Elder Bolinder

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