Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 81

Elder Bolinder and Elder Calderwood

 Boliche with Bolinder

Welcome back amigos! It's been another great week out in the Lord's vineyard 😁

This week we had exchanges with the Karen elders. It was my first experience in "KarenLand" and let me tell ya, it's like a whole other mission! It was super cool because we got to teach the two teenagers who Elder Calderwood and I interviewed for baptism, and then they got baptized on Saturday! But these elders are the best of the best, and I learned so much from them. They learn a super complicated Asian language not even taught in the MTC, they sit crisscross on a hardwood floor during every lesson, and the kicker is they don't even have a Book of Mormon translated in their language! That takes a ton of faith, but I'm super impressed by them and it makes me realize how much I still have to improve on! Lol. Oh and I also had the spiciest Thai food of my life, I was dying!😂

On Friday we had a ward activity going bowling! Haha it was super fun, and we had a pretty sweet miracle. A couple weeks or so ago we met a family who was at a wedding for their parents at our church. We happened to be studying at the church during the wedding and the bishop invited us to pop in. They are super awesome! We went over and had a lesson with them, and the parents are converts to the church but are inactive. At the activity they told us they want to start attending the Spanish ward and have their 9-year old daughter baptized! Such a cute familia.

Something else crazy that happened this week is church was cancelled… again! Luckily this time not because of snow, but apparently the sewage pipes were blocked. So, after sacrament meeting the second counselor announced that we wouldn't have Sunday school classes and it's time to go home. That took us off guard ha. But it was actually a miracle in disguise because we got to talk to our investigator Johnathon that came and introduce him to some members, and also set up 3 other appointments with some less actives and part-member families that attended. 

It's been a hectic week as well. Last Monday we lost our phone and had to go to the offices to pick up a replacement. We also have 2 missionaries in our zone going home this week due to medical reasons, so that has been tough for their companionships. So please keep them in your prayers!

The work here in St Paul is still moving forward, however! We had a sweet miracle and found 4 new investigators. All behind one door! They were four amigos just hanging out on Saturday evening, and we taught and testified to them about Christ's atoning power. We also have a lesson tonight with our progressing investigator Johnathon who is praying about baptism! 

It feels so good to be in Spanish work again ha. I love being a missionary, and I know that this is the work of the Lord. He is the only one who can truly change us and sanctify us. I love you all! 

Just a powerful quote I read from my studies to finish: 
"Having faith in Jesus Christ is to trust that because of His atoning sacrifice, He will correct all injustices, restore all things lost, and mend all things broken, including hearts. He will make all things right, not leaving any detail unattended. Therefore, “ye ought to say in your hearts—let God judge between me and thee, and reward thee according to thy deeds” (D&C 64:11)."

I have been trying to grow my testimony of the depth of Christ's sacrifice, and it's so powerful to realize that it is infinite in nature. Meaning that he paid ALL the price of justice, not just for our transgressions. He truly has the power to heal every broken heart!

Cuídense mucho y que tengan una buena semana!!

-Elder Bolinder

Ward Bowling Activity
St. Paul Spanish Speaking Missionaries
Three Amigos!
With the Karen Elders

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