Monday, June 11, 2018

Week 87

Shirts and Ties!

Sick week turns into.. a sick week!


I hope everyone is doing well!

This week we had a mission conference with 4 zones combined, because we got a visit from a general authority from the church Elder Timothy J Dyches! He was a mission president for the Portland Oregon mission and gave some super great trainings on how to be a 'Preach My Gospel' missionary. My favorite quote from him: "Excuses never produce results, and never correct mistakes." Powerful.

Must have been something in the lunch we ate that day, because after that day I got really sick for the first time in a long while. I was out for the count for a good 3 days, so that threw a little wrench in our week😂 luckily our two roommates the Hmong elders were able to do a little exchanging so they could still teach the Flores Fam and a couple others. But the sad part is, because I was sick I missed MLC with more trainings from the General authority! Haha. I was pretty bummed for sure.

Despite the hassle of being quarantined for a bit, the week ended with a bang! We had a sweet miracle on Sunday -- we had four investigators to church! And a member that we gave service to earlier in the week met this lady at the bank who knew missionaries in Puerto Rico. She invited her to come and she stayed all three hours and for potluck afterwards! We set up a time to start teaching her!! The Flores family also came which was super awesome because now we are moving Ashley's date back up to the 10th. We had her interview and she passed! Whooo!! She's super pumped and I am too. I have never been happier doing the work of the Lord!

I love you guys! I'm so grateful for all of your support.
Hasta la próxima!

-Elder Bolinder

St. Paul Spanish Ward - Post Church Potluck

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