Saturday, September 1, 2018

Week 99

Elder Bolinder, Reyes, Milo, Mariano, Elder Harris

This Week Was Just Electric!

Hola amigos!!!

It’s been another good week out here in Alex.

Unfortunately, Jordan has been out of town and a lot of the people we found a few weeks ago haven’t been able to meet. But we’ve still had some good successes this week! 

We found this awesome young Hispanic guy from Texas while tracting the other day. He came to church on Sunday to check it out! So, we had something super bizarre happen yesterday. Someone was up at the stand, speaking as normal when the microphone cut out all of a sudden. A few seconds later it started making this loud buzzing noise. All the counselors tried to fix it, but the noise just got louder! Then after about 4 minutes, it sounded like something was going to explode! Haha. So, everyone evacuated the room, and the bishop was trying to pull any plug he could find to the microphone. We stood out in the hall for about 10 minutes, and it finally stopped. Turns out, the electric organ short circuited!! Hahaha. Something was frying up inside, and when we got back inside you could smell it. Never had that happen before hahaha. Definitely an interesting first visit for Ruben! 

We had an amazing exchange on Tuesday. We had 4 lessons and gave away 6 copies of the Book of Mormon that day! 

We’ve been having some success with our Spanish group too. One of the highlights of the week was that we had the baptism of Milo’s boys, Reyes and Mariano!! It was so amazing to see the joy on Milo’s face being able to baptize his own sons. And he was baptized just two months ago! It was a sweet experience, and now our Spanish families are getting excited about sharing the gospel and inviting others too. So hopefully we can kindle some member missionary fire here to help the Spanish group!

It’s been such a privilege and blessing to be able to serve the people here - Spanish speaking or non-Spanish speaking. And above all, it has been a life-changing experience to serve my Savior Jesus Christ. I love Him so much!

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Love ya

-Elder Bolinder

Alexandria Spanish Group is Growing!

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