Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 40

Lakeville Zone 4th of July

Tornado in Mankato?!

Man, this week just went by in the blink of an eye. Mostly because we had our P-day on Tuesday and that threw off the rest of the week. But it was such a blast! We went up to Lakeville as a zone and had  a giant nerf war, played sports, and went to a BBQ at a member's house! Sadly missed most of the fireworks because we had to be en casa by 9:30, but está bien.. it was still vale la pena! We have been doing lots of finding this week as we are still trying to transition most of our teaching pool to Mankato and we've had lots of great experiences.

Kicking it off with a miracle from last week, we were down south a ways in Mapleton for lunch at a member's house. T'was a beautiful sunny day outside, so after the lovely meal we decided we would take a walk to the park. We borrowed some of their chalk and drew another outline of the plan of salvation! Turns out, it was the perfect time too because there was a band camp thing going on and a whole bunch of people walking through the park to get to the event. We had some pretty good conversations with a few people, but nobody super interested. THEN.. a few days later we get a random voicemail from a guy who said he saw our number and would be interested in attending one of our services! Whaat? He wasn't able to make it yesterday, but he should be coming next week which will be super cool!

We met with one of our progressing investigators this week, Pam. She is awesome! She's been reading the Book of Mormon again, yay! Now just to get her to church.. crossing our fingers she will come Sunday 🙌🏻. She invited us to meet some of her friends and family on Friday, they had a Mankato family fun day on Saturday with a huge carnival and parade with a TON of people all along the streets. Pam's house happened to be right in the heart of it and the parade passed by right in front of the yard! We caught the last 15 minutes or so, and then talked with a bunch of people there. We met a lot of her family and offered service and gave out 5 pass along cards to people! It was a sweet Saturday and we got lots of great contacts to hopefully set appointments with in the future.

Last night was pretty crazy. Right when we were getting home these thick dark clouds started to roll in, and there was a crazy thunderstorm. We were just chilling in the apartment getting ready for bed, when we hear sirens go off! Tornado warning!! We didn't see anything, but it was a pretty cool storm to watch and we took some vids of all the crazy lightning. I guess the tornado touched down just west of Mankato, but luckily there was no damage. Todo está bien! Speaking of lightning.. they also have a bajillion lightning bugs here and they are so LIT! hahaha

I have been enjoying every day out here in Minnesota! Time is flying by, but I feel my testimony of the Savior grow each day. I love you guys and hope you all know how much God loves you and blesses you. I know He lives, I know His son Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that His gospel is the only way to true and everlasting happiness! Have a wonderful week.

-Elder Bolinder

Mankato "Chalk Talk"
Minnesota Summer Storm
Mankato Storm Chasers

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