Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week 67

Elder Barrett, Elder Bolinder and Misael in New Brighton

It's great to be back!

Hola amigos! Saying goodbye to Faribault was bittersweet. President Barney actually delayed transfers by a day due to a huge snow storm that passed through, so I got an extra day in Faribault! This new transfer is going to be sweet, though!

Man, being back in the cities feels SO good! It's really nostalgic to be back in New Brighton seeing all the old faces in the ward that I recognized. A good portion of our ward are graduate students from the University of Minnesota, so there are a lot of people that left and plenty of new faces. It’s great because I am already familiar with the area and it's nice because since they changed the area to a Zone Leader area, we now have a full time car! So, no more biking in the snow like last year. Haha! My new companion is Elder Barrett from, you guessed it, Utah! He's been out just one transfer less than me. Having had an English companion for almost 8 months has really taken a beating on my Spanish skills so I'm super rusty. We’re going to up our language study game and get back into the swing of things. 

There are a lot of new people in the area I haven't met yet, but we've visited some part-member families that we used to visit when I was here last year. We are teaching a super solid gator named Hope and she accepted a baptismal date for Feb 3rd. We had a really powerful lesson on repentance and baptism. She absolutely loves the scriptures and also came to church! We've been super busy with putting together zone focuses and transfer calendars. We have 3 greenie Elders being trained in the zone too so we're going to have a ton of exchanges! Should be awesome!

We had a cool experience when we went to this Hispanic restaurante with the Spanish ward missionaries to coordinate and a random member from Wisconsin paid for our meal! We decided to pay it forward, and on our way home we were trying to think of ideas. We saw this car that slid off on the side of the freeway so we immediately pulled over to help. Turns out she was a college student from Wisconsin going to her friend's party. She said she was thinking it was a bad idea. So we told her, “maybe we are your sign from God that you shouldn't go!” She decided not to go. We don't know what happened, or why we needed to be there to help but I know God gave us that opportunity to help her because she needed it. God is always mindful of us!! 😊

I'm so grateful to be in the service of God, and I know this is His work. He loves us and has a plan for each of us individually. Hope you all have a fantastic week! Adios!

-Elder Bolinder

Saying goodbye to the Hunt Family in Faribault
Elder Barrett and Elder Bolinder

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