Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Week 68

Elder Barrett and Elder Bolinder

Another great week in la ciudad

Hello amigos! 

This week was pretty up and down. But we've been staying super busy that's for sure! We started off by watching the broadcast of the new first presidency of the church. And you probably don't remember me mentioning this, but our new prophet and president of the church, President Nelson, actually came to our mission back in April! I got to shake his hand, and I received a strong witness from the Holy Ghost that he truly is called of God. And that same Spirit bore witness of that during the broadcast. It’s so comforting to me to know that even as the world changes, the core doctrine of our church never changes. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

We were busy this week coordinating our multi-zone conference we had on Friday. It was great! We had lots of great trainings on the atonement of Christ and the importance of members in missionary work. We also did the musical number with the STLs, even though I can't sing to save my life!😂 it was pretty dec. Lol

Our progressing investigator Alana is still doing well. We had a great lesson with her about gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon which testifies of Christ. She's been struggling with anxiety, and her living environment is not the best. But she is still pushing forward. And she even brought her baby daughter to church for the first time! Hopefully we can start teaching her in a member's home soon to get her out of the crazy living situation she's in. We got some really bad news this week, because during zone conference our date-set Jennifer who I mentioned last week dropped us. She never gave us a reason, so we will just continue to pray for her. It was a big blow. But hey, the work carries on!

A funny story. We were out knocking on some doors at night because the family we wanted to visit wasn't home. This Latino guy answers and says in English, "Hey, can I help you?" So, we tell him that our purpose as missionaries is to testify of Christ and help people grow closer to him. He interrupted us and began to say that he has four kids and is too busy to meet with us. We tried carrying on the conversation asked him where he's from and he said Mexico. We said, "que parte de México?" (What part of Mexico?). He said, "De Puebla.. wait, you guys speak Spanish?" We said, Sí.. haha. Then he said "oh, Pásenle!!😄" (come in!). We were definitely caught off guard! Haha. He was a nice middle age gent who was a catholic minister. He asked us a TON of questions about our missions and how it all works, and our message of Christ. He has been living her for about 20 years, but he enjoyed having two white boys from the Rockies speak Spanish with him and talk a bit about the Hispanic culture that he misses ha. We set up a time next week to share our message with him and his family!! Hopefully something comes of it😊

Oh, and we also had mission president's fireside on Sunday! It was amazing as usual. Hearing the testimonies of Christ and his gospel given by converts to the church always brings a powerful spirit. 

Speaking of Sunday, we heard about the Vikings today and I guess the curse can't be broken! Even though I'm not a fan, it still would have been a once in a lifetime chance to see the Vikings play in the Super Bowl at home here in Minnie. It's still gonna be loco here in the cities! I'll be sure to tell you all about it!

It's so great to be here in the twin cities, helping people come unto Christ. I love this gospel, and I know it changes lives! Have a wonderful week. Stay warm folks!

-Elder Bolinder

Saturday Dinner With Lakeville Elders, Jose, Armando and Misael
New Brighton District
Working Out With Elder Barrett

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