Thursday, March 22, 2018

Week 76

Getting Haircuts...

Another week flies by!

Hola todos!

This week went by way too fast!

New Brighton has been poppin’ as usual. One of the highlights of the week was that we set a date with our Ethiopian friend, Beraki! He is loving learning more about Christ's gospel and is just trying to soak it all up. A lot of the times, I feel like he teaches me more than we teach him! Ha. He will be baptized on the 14th of next month. Alana is doing phenomenal. She even brought a friend to church! We got to meet her and set up a lesson with them this week. We also met a referral named Tony who requested a free Book of Mormon online. He is from Vietnam, and recently came to a belief in Christ, and we got to answer a lot of his questions. It was cool because he said, "I really feel like this church can answer more of my questions in such a clear way." We're excited for him. He also came to church on Sunday.

This week was super busy because we had 2 exchanges, interviews with President, a mini blitz in west St. Paul, Stake Conference and Mission President's Fireside! It was quite the handful, but this week was great!

Something that we have been focusing on a lot as missionaries this week has been "speaking on a higher plane." With more gospel conversations, it makes the day seem so much more uplifting. And although it is sometimes difficult to see in everyday life, everything is encompassed in the gospel. Everything points to Christ and his atoning sacrifice! Elder Strong and I were thinking of random things in the world and relating them back to Christ and we found some good ones! Like, for example, all the Minnesota snow - It descends from a higher plane to a lower plane. It is white, representing purity from sin. And it is like a blanket that covers everything underneath, just as the atonement covers us all! We were both like, woahhh that's so cool! So, my invitation to you all this week is to ponder the Savior’s atonement more frequently this week. Your week will be so much brighter!

Have a great week! Les amo

-Elder Bolinder

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