Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Weeks 92 and 93

Ice Cream Challenge!

The Dominican food hit me hard...

[Two updates this post]

Update From 7/9/18:

Well, I just emailed on Wednesday. The rest of the week felt like the blink of an eye!

Things have been going well in our area, still trying to build up our teaching pool. But we’ve been teaching lots of member families! We had zone conference on Thursday and President Barney has been wanting us to focus on teaching as many lessons as we can so we can become master teachers. (And help practice more Spanish!!). So that’s been a blast!

Well, not much really to update on this week because it was pretty short. We contacted a couple new people, and Saturday we helped a part-member family tear down a tree house! We’ve also started teaching the son of a recent convert who’s 9 and just a ball of energy. Its super fun haha.

I dont have a ton of time, but I just want to bare you all my testimony of this work. I know God lives and is in the details of our lives. He truly does love us! I know it. He loves us enough to “prune us back” so we have the capacity to grow even more. The mission has not been easy for sure, but it’s helped me realize I can grow through Christ’s atonement. We can all be instruments in his hands to lift those around us if we let him. Go make someone’s day brighter! 

I love all you guys and hope you all have a super week.

-Elder Bolinder

Update From 7/16/18

Overall it’s been a good week. Went by super fast again! We’ve been working with a lot of our members and recent converts still. The Flores familia is still doing wonderful! We are also working with another brother to help prepare him to enter the temple! Had exchanges this week with the Karen elders, and interviewed someone they’re teaching for baptism. Exciting! We’ve also been doing some heavy biking lately, man I forgot how out of shape my legs are! Haha.

We are finally meeting with our Dominican friend Jonathon again! It was really cool, we watched the restoration video with their family and his eyes were fixed the whole time. He even asked some questions at the end which was great because he usually doesn’t open up much. We can tell that he is feeling the Spirit testify to his heart, but he still says he wants to take his time with baptism and continue learning. We will just have to be patient. So before we went over, we had just got done eating a rica hispanic dinner with another family. Right when we get there, they say “Come on in! Sit down!” And they load up a huge plate of Dominican rice and beans with fried bananas! So, the whole time during the movie I was just trying to keep everything in my stomach and not throw up from having double dinner😂

We had a really awesome experience afterwards. We were walking to our car to go home when we walked past this woman in the parking lot. We waved, said hi, and walked right on by. Didn’t think anything of it. Then we hear very quietly from behind us, “Hey, um.. can I talk to you?” We Came to find out that she was baptized a member of the LDS church when she was 11, and she hasn’t been to church since she was that age. She got emotional and told us how her grandpa had a strong testimony of Christ and the church, and she wants to find peace and the love that she knew she felt as a child. It was such a sweet moment to be able to comfort her and testify to her that God placed us in her path for a reason. She then told us how she wasn’t going to say anything when we passed by, but that she felt something inside telling her she needs to turn around. How cool!!! We referred her to the English sisters, just another experience to testify that God directs this work and prepares hearts to return to Him!

We also got to go back and see our Puerto Rican friends Evelyn y Angelo. We went with the new Hermanas and gave them a priesthood blessing of comfort and peace. Her brother was deported back to his country and she was absolutely devastated. It’s super sad. She’s been struggling a lot lately, so keep her in your prayers. Angelo is still progressing super well and reading his scriptures! 

Well that’s basically all from this week! The mission has just been flying by. I am enjoying every minute of it, and I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve my Savior Jesus Christ - serving Him by serving others.

Cuídense mis amigos!!

-Elder Bolinder

Elder Cross (far left) and Elder Bolinder with the Karen Elders

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